SalR323 (salr323) wrote,

Drabble: "Inevitable"

These drabbles are addictive! Yet another one hundred words for this week’s challenge at blackpearlsails: “I should have…”

This one, gratuitous J/E. ;)


In the end it isn’t words that seduce her, but the sinful curve of his hip glimpsed beneath the loose flutter of a shirt.

Silently, she traces the arc of soft skin and bone; muscles shift beneath her touch, flexing across the graceful lines of his back. His question is phrased in a breathless caress; she answers with a kiss, long denied.

Later, sweat-damp and tangled, he sketches her regret with a fingertip. “Lizzie?”

He’s stunning by lamplight, smoke-smudged and ardent beneath a fall of damp hair. “It’s just…” She sighs against his lips. “We should have done this sooner.”
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