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Drabble: "Heat"

Just spent a fab weekend in Glasgow with fried_flamingo, eken95, coloneljack...and Bob! *smooches*

I'm about to crash out, but before I do here are 100 words written for this week’s drabble challenge at blackpearlsails: “Glimpse…”


Port Royal languishes in the furnace blast of summer, heat shimmering from bleached stone and tinder-dry grass; Elizabeth bridles against the inferno, for has she not always been steel betwixt hammer and anvil, forged by man’s hand into something strange and of his own devising?

Miss Elizabeth Swann, loving daughter.

Mrs Elizabeth Norrington, dutiful wife.

Mrs Elizabeth Turner…?

Harsh-edged diamonds spill across a dazzling sea and against the glittering edge of the world she remembers black sails – she remembers cool sand beneath bare feet and the burn of rum in her throat.

She remembers freedom, glimpsed in flame-bright eyes.
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