SalR323 (salr323) wrote,

Drabble: "A Leap of Faith"

A late entry for last week’s drabble challenge at blackpearlsails: “Education”. Inspired by a discussion in djarum99’s journal about what Jack has to learn from Elizabeth. Thanks to fried_flamingo for the quick beta. :)

A Leap of Faith

Beneath a hammering heat, Jack employs his quick wit and sharp tongue with devastating ease. Elizabeth bears the brunt, eyes ablaze.

When the sun lounges resplendent upon the horizon, Jack has leisure to repent his temper. Lesser women have abandoned him for lesser crimes; he wonders how he will bear her leaving.

Later, she finds him in moonlight and rests her head against his shoulder; his touch is tentative, like his confession. “Bloody fool.”

“But mine, nonetheless.”

And in her eyes he sees a miracle – forgiveness, and something more.

Jack learns to find his future there, upon her gentle shores.
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