SalR323 (salr323) wrote,

Long live the NHS

It's not often that I agree with the leader of the Conservative party, but it's a testement to the breadth of support the NHS enjoys in this country that, right or left, every credible politician can support David Cameron when he says

One of the wonderful things about living in this country is that the moment you're injured or fall ill - no matter who you are, where you are from, or how much money you've got - you know that the NHS will look after you.

Ten years ago today I was in hospital after having had an emergency ceasarian section; I was in hospital for five days, in a private room, and given the best possible medical care. Four years later, I did the same thing - five days in hospital, in a private room, and aftercare at home for several weeks.

I had fantastic pre- and post-natal care, and so did my kids. If I need to see a doctor I phone up and see one the same day. If my kids need medicine they get it there and then. I never have to fill out a single form or pay a single penny.

I love the NHS, I am grateful to the NHS, and if Sarah Palin et al believes it is 'evil' and 'Orwellian' then it shows that their ignorance is more profound than I had imagined.
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