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Tony Blair - you're pathetic!

Today the House of Commons Foreign Affairs committee urged the government to make it's opposition to Guantanamo Bay "loud and public".

In their annual human rights report, the committee of MPs says the continued use of the centre "outside all legal regimes diminishes the USA's moral authority and is a hindrance to the effective pursuit of the war against terrorism".

The Attorney General said: "There should be in modern society no outlaws; no people to whom the law does not apply... and to whom therefore anything can be done."

And what did Tony Blair say? "Guantanamo Bay is an anomaly." An anomaly?? "But it's also important that we remember those people that died in that terrorist act [9/11] and have some understanding therefore of the huge amount of anger there is in American over what happened there."

Now, I understand the anger. God knows I was as horrified as anyone else on that dreadful day, and Tom and I laid flowers at the Roosevelt Memorial and signed the book of condolence outside the US Embassy in London. But what I don't understand is when anger became a reason to abandon the rule of law. After all, isn't that the reason why we have trial by jury and not trial by lynch mob? If anger is an excuse to ignore the rule of law, then close all the courts and let the family of every murder victim loose with a shotgun.

Western liberal democracy is founded on the concept of the rule of law, we can't just abandon it because we're angry. If Tony Blair doesn't understand that, he should get a history book and start reading. If George Bush doesn’t understand that, he should get the American Consitution and start reading.

Full article here.
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