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What happened to October?

I don't usually post medical updates but I just got back to work today after four weeks - weeks! - laid out with the bloody flu. Don't know if it was the Swine version or some other type, but it was truly horrible. Temp over 103 for seven days, then a bit lower for another week, then just feeling crap until about Thursday last week - and it's so much fun when you have kids to look after! I still feel rung out like an old dish rag and am cancelling things left, right, and centre because I have zero energy. The doc says it could be a month before I'm back to normal. Blech.

I know people have had much worse cases, but bloody hell that was nasty. And now I have a month of life to catch up on and a stack of work - and Christmas is looming and not a single card has been bought! Argh!

I want to go back to bed. :(
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