SalR323 (salr323) wrote,

Snow Day!

Happy New Year, everyone!

The kids are off school today, and I've just spent a brilliant couple of hours 'sledging' (using boogie boards, as we have no sledge!) with them in the park over the road. It was -6C here this morning, which apparently is colder than Poland. And in parts of Oxfordshire and Scotland it was down to -18C last night, which is colder than Moscow!

Britain is having a seriously weird winter! But I love it, aside from the face-palm moment the other night when I went out in my PJs and slippers to watch the snow falling, promptly slipped over and left a nice body-shaped print in the snow outside our front door! (Kind of looked like someone had been pushed out of the bedroom window, and then been dragged back into the house!). Managed to bruise my hands, back, and wrench my shoulder! What a moron - I'm very glad I didn't end up in A&E, having to explain myself to the doctors!

So here's my top-tip for the big freeze - don't go out in the snow and ice in your slippers! Duh.

Stay warm! :)
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