SalR323 (salr323) wrote,


Do you ever have that thing where you're just going along nicely and then one night you're bored and you think somthing like 'Oh, you know, I really fancy watching some old episodes of The Office'? And so you do, and although you remember loving it the first time, this time when you watch it the 'ship just reaches out of the screen and grabs you by the heart strings and won't let go? And then before you know it you're utterly obsessed and doing the whole Youtube video hunt and searching to see if anyone's written any decent fanfic (which they have, as it happens) and then sitting on your hands to stop yourself from writing some yourself because you have too much else to do?

Yeah... So. *sits on hands*

(PS: For the Brits out there - yes, the BBC version is bloody brilliant and Tim and Dawn are awesome. :) Love, love, love. It's just that there's more of the US version, and I think Jim is adorable, despite what coloneljack thinks! And the bit where she turns him down and he tears up? *flail*)
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