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Some generator silliness!

Frankly, I think number 8 is a slur! Although I might consider offending the Japanese! ;)

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Johnny Depp!

  1. Michelangelo finished his great statue of Johnny Depp in 1504, after eighteen months work.
  2. Ostriches stick their heads in Johnny Depp not to hide but to look for water.
  3. Johnny Depp has four noses!
  4. In Japan it is considered rude to talk with Johnny Depp in your mouth.
  5. The Johnny Depp-fighting market in the Philippines is huge - several thousand Johnny Depp-fights take place there every day.
  6. It takes 17 muscles to smile, and 43 to frown at Johnny Depp.
  7. Johnny Depp can usually be found in nests built in the webs of large spiders.
  8. The average duration of sexual intercourse for Johnny Depp is two minutes.
  9. Johnny Depp, from the movie of the same name, had green blood!
  10. Johnny Depp is actually a vegetable, not a fruit.
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