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Gulp. So, I seem to have written a fluffy, angsty romance novel!

It's called 'Beyond the Far Horizon' (some of you may recognise the title! ) and involves romance, adventure, angst and, naturally, pirates! It's available now as an e-book from and etc.

The normal price will be $2.99/£1.54 but, because I'd love you guys to read it, I'm making it free to download for twenty-four hours from 12.01 a.m. PST/09.01 a.m. GMT on 14th February - Valentine's Day. ;)

Beyond the Far Horizon

Amelia Dauphin, summer child of Ile Sainte Anne, has grown up in liberty among the free men of the sea. Unfettered and naive, she knows little of the world outside her island paradise and can’t imagine the danger skulking beyond the horizon.

Captain Zachary Hazard doesn’t have to imagine – he knows the danger all too well. Returning after a six-year exile, Zach sweeps into Ile Sainte Anne intending to deliver a warning and be gone. But he hasn’t counted on Amelia Dauphin capturing his heart with her adventurer’s eyes and sunshine smile.

Yet as passion draws them together, fate pulls them apart and Amelia soon finds herself torn between duty and desire, between saving her home and saving the man she loves.

Years later, as Amelia awaits the gallows in London’s infamous Newgate prison, there is only one man who can save her: the man she has already betrayed. If he can forgive her…

You can read an excerpt on my website here - Chapter One - and an even longer one on the 'Look Inside' feature on Amazon.

I'd really love to know what you guys think, so, if you have time, please pop over to my blog and check it out! :)
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