SalR323 (salr323) wrote,

Stargate nostalgia fest

Hi all and happy new year!

Not sure anyone remembers me on LJ, it's been so long! But I've been enjoying a massive S/J nostalgia fest over the past few weeks and now I'm in search of a fandom fix. If there are any S/J shippers still around here, I'd really appreciate a nudge in the direction of some good fic. I think we were still on Yahoo Groups when I was involved in the SG fandom!

(I have actually written some S/J fic, although I'm not sure it's good enough to post!)

Weird, how these things jump you when least expected. Nice, though. :)
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Yay, welcome back! Post the fic anyway :-)

I can't personally recommend any fic, but check out stargateficrec. There are still recs going on and there was some S/J in December. Plus they have archives!
Hey! :) Thank you, I'll check that out. It's an old fandom now, but it's cool people are still posing. :)
It does seem to be more long lived than other fandoms. At least on LJ!
I think it's because the ship was never really resolved. ;) Darn them!
*hugs* Hey, Sal! Long time no chat! :)

There's still stuff being posted though obviously not as much as there used to be. I'd recommend checking out the sg1_debrief community which collates all the different posts it knows of as they happen. Can't guarantee it'll all be good stuff, but at least it'll keep you abreast of what's on LJ.

het_reccers is also good for finding good/rec'd fics.

A lot of fic nowadays is posted to A03 as well -- you might find some new stuff there. The good thing about that that site is you can filter by kudos/comments/hits etc to get to all the really popular/good stuff first. :)

Also, I seriously doubt you have anything to worry about with your fic, lol. POST!!
Hi! :) Thanks for the links, they both look good. I'll enjoy trawling through the archive.

AO3 looks interesting, think I'll join up and check that out too.

I'll consider posting my fic, though I am very rusty! Honestly. I'm trying to get my head around S/J just post 100 Days and pre Shades of Gray (for a book). It's hard to tune out all the stuff that happened after that, so the fic is my attempt to get into everyone's head at just that point in the show. Looking back on all the fic I've written, almost all of it was post-D&C so I'm not sure I've ever written much set this early in the series. It's interesting, but confusing - just what did they know about their own, and each other's feelings at this point? I'm not sure, hence the fic. :) And I'm still not sure! lol

Deleted comment

Hi! Thank you, I will definitely check those links out. I'm just making myself an AO account too.

It's been many moons since I read/wrote S/J fic too (like about ten years!) so I'm looking forward to catching up. I just found a load of half finished fic on my hard drive yesterday, from 2003/4 so maybe I'll finish some of them!

Thanks again for the links! :)