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Going out in style!

There's a really nice article about The West Wing here. CONTAINS SPOILERS for Election Day Pt 1 and 2 (only very minor for pt2).

I especially like this bit: "Were there justice in television land, "The West Wing" and eventual executive producer John Wells would have been rewarded with a renewal for next season."

But I'm torn. As much as I adore WW, I am so looking forward to seeing Brad Whitford in Studio 60, and that wouldn't have happened if WW had been renewed. Neither would any of the delicious J/D resolution we've been enjoying. Also, it's wonderful to see a show go out on such a high! So much better than flogging the dead horse until no one is watching anymore...

Still, it will be much missed. I hope S60 can fill its shoes. Won't be an easy task!

On a slightly related topic, I was at the park with the kids this morning when a very cute guy noticed the Bartlet for is President badge I have on my bag. He said he was a huge WW fan and asked where I got it. Sadly I couldn't continue the conversation much longer because the kids chose that moment to try and fling themselves from the climbing frame. But it was cool! ;)

And, yes, I really am a geek!
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