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Is it September yet?

Not sure what the netiquette is about this, but I saw a link to this New York Times article over on the Studio 60 community.

This quote is very interesting...

"Studio 60" is expected to have the intense, crackling backstage repartee of "The West Wing" (which ends its run next month), though with a twist: Mr. Whitford's character and Mr. Perry's, both head writers sent in to retool a show not unlike "Saturday Night," will vie for the romantic attentions of Ms. Peet, who plays a network executive.

Can I just say...OMFG how cool is that? Sorkin set up such a fabulous relationship between Matt and Danny in the pilot script, and now he's going to put it under this huge, emotional stress. Genius, or what? And, being Sorkin, you just know it's going to be done beautifully and intelligently. And...Brad, being torn and angsty and in love with the same woman as his best friend?! Holy crap! I thought I was looking forward to S60 before this, but now...???

On the down side, I predict huge fandom wars between the Danny/Matt slashers, the Danny/Jordan shippers, the Matt/Jordan shippers...etc, etc. But at least no one can complain that ship is ruining their show. It's clearly going to be there from the start. *Squeeee!*

I love Aaron Sorkin! :)
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