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Controversial "Transition" question...

Okay, so I'm writing the obligitory post-ep fic for "Transition" and I have a question...

I know that it's accepted fanon that Josh and Donna went to Hawaii on vacation, because of the shirts on the plane and the fact that Donna asked him to take her there way back when.

But I was boring Tom with my endless chatter about Josh and Donna discussing this with Tom today, and he made what I thought was a very good point. Why spend a day going all the way Hawaii for one week when they can be in the Bahamas in two or three hours?

It's got to take at least twelve hours to get to Hawaii and another twelve to get back - two out of seven days spent travelling! - and they're both already knackered and I can't imagine them wanting to sit on a plane for all that time! Plus there will be jet-lag, and people wear those Hawaiian shirts all over the tropics...

So, despite the cuteness of it being Hawaii, I've decided that, for the purpose of my fic, they've gone to Tahiti instead. :) Humble apologies to coloneljack, although it really won't affect anything in my story because a) I'm not writing a travel guide, and b) it's not like they're really going to get far beyond the bedroom and the beach, right?;)

Okay. I feel better now. :)
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