December 14th, 2003


Future Imperfect (and the Baby Piglet)

For anyone who wants to download the whole story, and has been having problems accessing my site, I've now hosted this story on two different sites! Yay - thanks Ness and Mem.

You can get to them via my site, and it's worth taking a look to check out the wonderful cover art Mem kindly created. Sam on the beach - I think it suits the story perfectly:)

Sorry this post is so late, but I've been busy with Jessica and Ben in the Nativity today - I think, at eight months, Ben was probably the youngest shepherd there! But he did look sweet with a tea-towel on his head, and even managed not to eat it until we got off the stage. Jess, of course, was an angel in every sense. And also the loudest singer of Away in a Manger! And since we got home she's been constantly re-enacting the Nativity, with herself staring as Mary and Piglet debuting as the Baby Jesus (spending most of the time stuffed up 'Mary's' top while she's 'pregnant'). Tom has been drafted in as Joseph, and I am... of course, the donkey. So I've spent a good deal of the afternoon crawling around the living room with 'Mary' on my back off to Bethlehem...again. And again. And again...!

Enjoy the story.

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