February 9th, 2006


Obsessive? Me?

Sometimes the more you know about the TV business the more anoying it is! Still, it's too late for me now, so here is the latest bit of gossip I've uncovered in my obsessive hunt for info on whether or not BW will be cast in Studio 60. It's from Ask Ausiello.

Question: Is there any chance that we're going to see West Wing's Bradley Whitford join Matthew Perry and Amanda Peet in Studio 60 next season? — Lauren

Ausiello: Both sides continue to talk, but, according to a source, "there's no firm deal by any means."

Argh, argh, argh...! Tell us already!

Meanwhile, in other news, half the world is rioting over cartoons and the other half is plotting WW3. Hmmm, perhaps I'll give RL a miss today after all...
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