February 28th, 2006




Bradley Whitford will reunite with former "The West Wing" bosses Aaron Sorkin and Tommy Schlamme on NBC's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip."

Whitford, who joins previously announced castmates including Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet and D.L. Hughley, will play producer-director Danny Tripp, a recovering cocaine addict who returns to run the show."

I am ecstatic! I can't believe how totally perfect this is! Brad Whitford in another Sorkin show? It's almost too good to be true! *pinches self*

Holy crap this show is going to ROCK! I totally can't wait. Is it September yet? Argh...September? That's six months away!

Wow, I'm now officially obsessed by a TV show that hasn't even shot a single scene yet! That's a first for me! :) But who cares? Brad Whitford will be in my living room after The West Wing ends (*sob*), and I just adore the idea of him in this role - he does the inner-vulnerability thing sooooo beautifully. *Thuds*

I'm pretty sure Studio 60 is going to bring the politics too, as well as the angst, and the drama, and the humour. I can't wait!!

OMG life is good!!!
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