March 26th, 2006



Woke up this morning to find that someone had broken into our garden shed. Luckily our security precaution of stuffing the shed so full of crap that you can never get anything out of it worked a treat!

They managed to get Tom's mountain bike halfway out before realising it was cabled to the old rusting wreck of my bike, which is buried beneath the lawn mower, the kid's trampoline, the bouncy castle, the paddling pool, thirty half-full tins of old paint, the Christmas tree stand, and a bunch of other rubbish we inexplicably brought with us when we moved house six years ago...

It was a bit weird to see half our things all over the garden though, and we'll have to pay a whole £5 for a new padlock (for all the good it will do since the last one seemed to come right off with a pair of bolt cutters!).

Not sure if you're meant to report things like this to the police, it being my first experience of petty crime, but we tried a couple of times. Apparently there's no one at our local nick on Sundays!

In other news, got a lovely home made Mother's Day card from Jess. Very sweet. :)
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