April 11th, 2006



I'm probably echoing what everyone else has said here, but I need to get it out of my system so here goes! This is mostly JD because…well, just because. ;) But everyone in the episode was superb.

Now, where to start?

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Wonderful. Just wonderful.

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More, more!

Yet another nice article about The West Wing here. I loved this bit:

"what executive producer John Wells and his writers have accomplished in the past two years is amazing. They have re-created a series hemmed in by a limited time frame, and the campaign war between Vinick and Santos breathed a thrilling new life into the series...

Casting Janeane Garafolo as an acerbic Santos strategist was equally brilliant, and the transformation of former assistant Donna Moss (Janel Moloney) into a sharp political mind on the campaign trail has been fascinating. As for the (finally) erupting romance between Josh and Donna, there's only one thing to say: Thank you, writers. Just . . . thank you."

Amen to that!
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Leo meme

Last seen with coloneljack.

When you see this on your f-list, quote Leo McGarry.

"We're the only super power left, you can conquer the world like Charlemagne. But you better be prepared to kill everyone and you better start with me, 'cause I will raise up an army against you." A Proportional Response.

"Because I'm tired of it. Year, after year, after year, after year, having to choose between the lesser of who cares. Of trying to get myself excited about a candidate who can speak in complete sentences. Of setting the bar so low I can hardly look at it. They say a good man can't get elected. Well, I don't believe that." In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, Part 1
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