May 16th, 2006


WW "Tomorrow"

So it's over, and of course fried_flamingo, eken95, coloneljack and I watched the final episode together amid much sobbing and many group hugs.

Without including any spoilers, I'll just say that I thought this final episode was beautifully done. It managed to capture the bittersweetness of endings and new beginnings perfectly, and I'm totally blown away by that - and by the fact that this amazing show has been so damn good for so long.

The tear stained transcript is below, followed by some squeeing over the promo for Brad Whitford's Aaron Sorkin's new show, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

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And so it's farewell to The West Wing and hello to Studio 60. Another bittersweet ending and beginning, I guess.
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WW fic: "A Truly Excellent Notion" 1/1

So, it's taken a little while to get this done! Better late than never, I hope.

This is my version of the inevitable post-ep for "Transition". I've set it in the Bahamas because that just makes more sense to me, and left a little something hanging that I'm hoping to use as a jumping-off point for a Santos admin fic I'm about to start. :)

As always, thanks to coloneljack for keeping me going, and to caz963 for the beta!

Spoilers up to "Transition", obviously, and rated older Teen (I guess).


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