May 29th, 2006

Josh - crashing


Saturday night, some gits in a house half way down our street kept us up until 3 a.m. with their f***ing reggae music. It got to the point where we called the Council's Noise Patrol, but by the time they arrived the party - thank God - had ended. And then last night our nextdoor neighbours had a party. They said it was a BBQ in the afternoon and might be a bit noisy. No problem, we thought. But by 2.30 a.m., after FOUR hours of crap 80s Karaoke, I was about ready to drive my car through their front window! Imagine 25 tone-deaf drunks, right next to your bedroom, trying to sing Come on Eileen at 2 a.m. and you'll know how I felt!


So, after two nights of sleep deprivation, I felt some revenge was required. In a fit of passive-aggression worthy of Josh, I hatched a plan. When the kids woke up around seven I, uh, 'encouraged' them to enjoy a nice long game of bouncing on mummy and daddy's bed - complete with lots of tickling and screaming. The only slight downside was Jess yelling, "Come on Ben, Mummy says we have to wake up the neighbours!" Hopefully they were too hung-over to hear that bit! I did toy with the idea of singing my own rendition of Come on Eileen, but was too knackered to try. Maybe later. I seem to remember it involved a lot of foot stamping back in the days we used to dance to it at parties!

Petty? Probably, but I'm too bloody tired to care and it made me feel better. Stupid 'child-free' yuppie neighbours!
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