May 17th, 2007


PotC FF: "Semper Fidelis" 1/10

Title: Semper Fidelis
Author: Sally R
Rating: PG (for now, R later)
Pairing: J/E

Spoilers: Set after a fictional AWE, therefore contains no spoilers for the real one!

Summary: Behind her was silence, she could hear nothing above her own breathing. When her head had cleared she lifted her eyes to the mirror. Jack stood watching her, face impassive. Had she not been close enough to see the rapid rise and fall of his chest, she would have considered him perfectly composed – but for the fire in his eyes.

Author's notes: This is the prologue to a complete nine chapter fic, which I'll be posting over the next few days - definitely before AWE premiers! Hope you enjoy it. :)

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