June 23rd, 2007


Suits you, sir...

It's the sense of humour...

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has fallen for the charms of Britain and its people.

The American star - who filmed 'Sleepy Hollow', 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory', and upcoming movie 'Sweeney Todd' in the U.K. - reveals he has a passion for British history and its towns.

He says, "I've always had a good thing with the Brits... It's the sense of humour… I've always felt 100 per cent at home in Britain and in London. I'm also fascinated by the history. I've loved taking weird little sojourns down to Bath or Rye or Chichester, or just wandering around Canterbury."

What a shame fried_flamingo and I didn't bump into him during our last drunken piss-up wierd little sojourn down to Bath...!