August 1st, 2007


PotC FF: "The Fall of a Sparrow" 1/9

Title: The Fall of a Sparrow
Author: Sally R
Rating: PG (for now, R later)
Pairing: J/E (canon W/E)

Spoilers: Set after AWE, therefore contains spoilers!

Summary: Third mistake was the worst. Bloody fool to imagine she could— Can’t bear to think on it now, the silent lies she told with those pretty lips of hers. Believed them, though, didn’t I? They made the death to come seem worth the having, to save her and live on in that heart of hers. To be remembered. Immortalised. Loved, even. And that lie’s the bitterest of ’em all, eh?

Author's notes:Watching AWE, I was struck by how shell-shocked Jack seemed for much of the movie – this story came out of the idea that he must have been traumatized by his trip to the Locker. It’s set eleven years after AWE and assumes that Will has been released from his service to the Dutchman. I’ll be posting a chapter a day for the next nine days. Hope you enjoy it!

Huge thanks to fried_flamingo for the continuing concrit (and nagging)! ;)

You can find a little Jack and Teague backstory to this here: Progeny

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