March 29th, 2008


Fic rec!

Absolutely fantastic new fic from klp_8 - Nights in the Bayou.

It's Jack and Tia/Calypso, and is absolutely beautiful. Find chapter one HERE.

With meaning she placed both hands on his shoulders, sensing the physical strength of his arms and the hedonic nature held inside his body, forceful as a storm and too obvious for comfort. Her hands traveled up his neck, the lagoon of his voice, to his face and mouth. A clever mouth, sardonic and enticing… a face seemingly too genuine to have been raised by a pirate. “Have ye known a woman before, Jack?”

Don't walk, run!

Clearly you've never been to Singapore

Today was Ben's 5th birthday party.

Twelve five year old boys on a bouncy castle. Need I say more? There was only one nose bleed, at least. Next year I'm employing a drill sergeant to oversee affairs.

On the plus side, one of Ben's presents was an action figure. No less than a "DELUX Ocean Drenched Jack Sparrow with exploding longboat".

I kid not. I always thought his boat was rather long, even if it does list somewhat to port, but I never knew it exploded. ;) Sadly, it's not half as hot as it sounds.

Okay, off to drink wine and recover from post-traumatic bouncy castle stress!
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