January 19th, 2014


Old fic, new fic

So, thanks to geneeste pointing me in the right direction, I now have a shiny new AO3 account. I’ve started migrating some of my old fic over there, a few SG-1 and Sherlock fics only so far but I'm hoping to archive everything eventually. Although that will be a project and a half!

But the problem with archiving old fic is that you read it. And then you want to edit it because...gah! (Note to my former self: 'span' is not the past tense of 'spin'. Grrrr!)

And I never realised until now that fan fic has fashions. My SG-1 fic, written at the turn of the millennium, feels so dated. And I don't just mean because they mention things like CD players and videos - which is historically accurate! - but the style itself feels old fashioned.

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but a lot of fic posted at the moment is written in the third person, present tense. I like it, and have used it myself in my Sherlock fic, but I wonder why the change? Has the style just spread like a meme? Or is it something to do with the type of stories people tell when they're writing fic? Interesting.

Anyhow, I do actually have a new SG-1 fic that I'm about to post here and on AO3. Gulp. It's the first S/J fic I've written for over ten years and, of course, it's in the new fic style! I don't know how great it is, but I enjoyed writing it. I'd forgotten just how much I adore Jack (yum!) and Sam and their whole messed up, angsty UST! :)