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Moral dilemas...

I've been debating these with myself today...

1) Thames Water has just applied for a drought order, there's already a hose pipe ban and we're meant to be conserving water. It was baking hot today, wall to wall sunshine...

Q Is it okay to use the hose to put a little water in the paddling pool for the kids? What's the difference between doing that and using a few buckets to fill it up? Or should we retire the paddling pool for the summer?

2) Today we went to Homebase to buy some stuff, including a lawnmower. The guy at the till asked us if we wanted to buy the £3.99 warrantee, which we did. When we got home - after we'd assembled and used the lawn mower - we realised that the casheer had forgotten to charge us for lawnmower itself!

Q Do we go back and pay for it, or not?

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