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Bits and bobs...

coloneljack pointed out that I haven't updated my LJ since June! How time flies.

So I thought it was about time I got back into the swing of things, especially with the premier of Studio 60 mere days away, which will no doubt need much analysis and drooling over... *squeee*

Anyway, here are a few bits and bobs that have been happening since June, first pic spam of the kids this summer for anyone who's interested:

Oh look, it's Tuffty!

Dr Jekyll

Mr Hyde

Sugar and Spice

Princess Jess

Second, I can't let a post go by without a little bit of politics. So much to say over the summer, and all of it depressing, so I'll restrict myself to this:

In a TV interview yesterday former US President Jimmy Carter said "I have been really disappointed in the apparent subservience of the British government's policies related to many of the serious mistakes that have been originated in Washington."

You're not the only one, mate.

He continues by saying that this was the case "in the Middle East peace process, in the case of the Lebanese/Israeli war in the recent past and certainly in the ill-advised abandonment of the war against terrorism to substitute the war in Iraq... No matter what kind of radical or ill-advised policy was proposed from the White House, it seems to me that almost automatically the government of Great Britain would adopt the same policy without exerting its influence... I haven't seen the corrective effect of British disagreement with what the White House has proposed."
Whole article here

I'm so ashamed of my government's complete failure to provide any moral leadership. The Bush administration is trampling on liberty around the world with its abductions and detentions without trial, its wire tapping, its secret prisons and its attempts to re-write the Geneva Convention to allow torture. And Blair hasn't once stood up for the principle of liberty, human rights and the rule of law. Pathetic.

On the plus side, however, I was pleased to see that the Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer (former room-mate of Blair), has made a strong attack on Guantanamo Bay. In his speech on Wednesday he said:

"It is a part of the acceptance of the rule of law that the courts will be able to exercise jurisdiction over the executive. Otherwise the conduct of the executive is not defined and restrained by law. It is because of that principle that the USA deliberately seeking to put the detainees beyond the reach of the law, in Guantanamo Bay, is so shocking an affront to the principles of democracy. Without independent judicial control, we cannot give effect to the essential values of our society."
Whole article here

Yeah, what he said. Except why not say this three years ago? Why say it in Australia and not the UK, and why isn't Blair saying this himself? Too little, too late. /rant

In other news...OMGStudio60startsonMonday! Something worth watching on TV again, hallelujah. God knows we need the distraction from the real world. Bring on the bread and circuses, I say - at least for an hour a week.

I'm so excited seeing all the glowing reviews in the press, not to mention Brad Whitford and Matt Perry doing their thing on various talk shows! Smart and funny, works for me every time. *fans self*
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