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The next war

I guess we all know the next war will be with Iran, which is probably why BBC Radio 4 have decided to run a season of programmes called Uncovering Iran.

I caught the first of a three part series called Iran: a Revolutionary State this afternoon, which traces the history of the country through the 20th century to the present.

Here's the blurb: The image of Iran - through the prism of the western media - gives a somewhat one-sided view of a fanatical yet repressed population railing against the Great Satan.

The fact that British and Iranian modern history is inextricably linked, that Iran had the Middle East's first democratically elected government which in turn was toppled by Western powers and also has a century old women's movement is less known.

Knowing nothing about Iranian history, I found it fascinating. For example, I didn't know that Iran was invaded without provocation in both world wars (by both sides!) - simply to secure access to its oil. Gee, wonder when that will happen again?

If anyone's interested, you can listen to the programme online here. I'd recommend it.
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