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Studio 60 FF: "Kismet"

New show, new characters, new fic!

This was fun to write. And now I must return to the complicated J/D piece I've been working on for months before coloneljack and caz963 see what I'm up to! :)

Title: Kismet
Author: Sally R
Pairing: None
Rating: PG (one naughty word!)
Summary: Maybe it's fate?


Danny pulled up at the curb, leaving the engine running and the AC on. It was a warm night, he was already beyond tired, and needed to stay awake at least another half hour. In the passenger seat, Matt was snoring, face pressed against the window. Drooling a little. Nice.

“Hey.” Danny prodded him in the arm. “Matt, wake up.”


“Wake up. We’re at your apartment.”

“What? Yeah. Okay.” Matt was bolt upright and staring, blinking at the flashing lights of passing cars. “Where are we?”

“Your apartment. You need to get out of the car and go to bed now.”

“Yeah,” Matt gave a serious nod before he slumped against the window again, eyes sliding shut. “Yeah, I should definitely do that… Later.”

“It’s three a.m. I’m tired, I want to go home,” Danny pointed out reasonably. “Get out of my car and go to bed.”

An eye struggled open. “It’s your car?”


“Where’s my car?”

Danny smiled. “Like I’d let you drive.”

“Right…” With Herculean effort, Matt forced himself upright enough that he was at least straight in the seat. “Wow… That was a night.”

“Yeah,” Danny agreed, “it was a night.”

Matt’s head swivelled so he could look at him. “Kinda weird, though.”


He paused for a beat. “You okay?”

“Yeah.” Mostly. “You?”

Sucking in a long breath, Matt blew it out in a slow sigh and turned to stare out the windshield. “Yeah, I guess… I saw Harriet.”

Danny recognised the tone of guarded defeat in his friend’s voice, so resisted the temptation to tease. “Yeah? How did that go?”

“Well, on the plus side, she didn’t hit me…too hard.”

“She hit you?”

“I took it like a man.”

“Harriet Hayes hit you? Where?”

Matt’s hand flapped in the general direction of his face. “I think it was—”

“No,” Danny laughed, although he was only half amused. “I mean, where were you when she hit you? Did anyone see?”

Matt eyed him sideways. “You really expect me to remember that?”

It was a good point. Danny frowned. “So… Are you okay?”

“I hardly felt it…”

“No, I meant—”

“I know what you meant.” His head hung a little and he rubbed a hand over his face. “She said, if she could do it again, she wouldn’t.”

“Hit you?”

“The 700 Club.”



“What did you say?”

Matt shrugged. “Not…entirely sure. I might have— There’s a small chance I might have compared it to the Klan.”

“I’m guessing that’s when she hit you.”

“It was within that timeframe.”

Danny sighed. “You know this is crazy, don’t you?”

“Which bit? There’s so much about tonight that’s crazy...”

“I hear you.” Twenty-four hours ago Matt had a glittering movie career ahead of him, his path to glory almost literally paved with gold. Now he was tied into a failing TV show, all because— Danny glanced over at his friend and couldn’t help feeling like the millstone around his neck. Eleven years… He’d had eleven damn years. “You’re sure you’re sure about this?”

Matt’s eyebrows rose. “About the show?”

“The whole deal. It’s not too late to—”

“We’re doing the show, Danny. Together. Like we always do.” He smiled and shrugged. “It should have been ours anyway, you know that. Wes knew that. Maybe it’s fate.”



Danny smiled. “What about Harriet? You’re going to be seeing a lot of each other. I can’t have brawling on the set.”

Although Matt tried a smile, he was too far gone to fake it. And anyway, Danny knew him too well to be fooled. “I’m a professional,” Matt said. “So’s she.”

“So I guess you’ll be spending the next two years making polite small-talk at work and avoiding her at parties.”

“I guess…”

“Sounds great,” Danny enthused, earning himself a withering glare. He shrugged. “Or you could always, you know, just make up.”

Matt skewered him with a look, a familiar flash fire of anger bright in his eyes. “She went on the 700 Club, Danny. She whored herself to the—”

“Come on,” he objected. “It was business.”

“You don’t do business with people like that. You don’t slaughter your principles on the altar of celebrity.”

“So, she made a mistake,” Danny said quietly. “It happens, Matt. People make mistakes.”

Matt’s eyes narrowed. “It’s not the same.”

“Isn’t it?”

“No.” He was suddenly stone cold sober, deadly serious. “Danny, you slipped. It happens. You slipped, you didn’t mean to, and you got up again. Like you’ve done before. That’s… That’s courageous.”

Danny would have laughed, but he wasn’t sure it was funny. And he wasn’t sure it was true. He didn’t feel courageous, he felt fucking stupid. “I’m just saying—”

“Harriet knew what she was doing. She knew exactly what she was doing, and she was doing it for money. For self promotion. And she knew how I’d—” He laughed humourlessly. “And she did it anyway.”

Danny eyed him for a moment, pretty sure he knew the answer to the question he was about to ask, even if Matt didn’t. “Are you still in love with her?”

“That—” Matt looked away, back out at the bright city lights. “That would be…inconvenient.”

“Yeah,” Danny agreed, letting his head sink back against the headrest and his eyes drift over the cityscape. “Yeah, it would.”

They sat like that for a while, the silence comfortable and familiar. LA looked different tonight, Danny thought. It was moving faster, the lights were brighter. And he thought that maybe optimism was playing with his mind, but he was okay with that because it was the first he’d felt in eight long days. “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” he said quietly, as if hearing the old, household name for the first time.


“It’s our show now.”

Matt smiled. “That’s something.”

“Yeah,” Danny agreed, his own smile mirroring his friend’s. “Yeah, that’s really quite something.”


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it!

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