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This is a bit late, but still...

I watched Brad Whitford on the Bill Maher show last week and OMG! That's to say, Brad was as adorable (and right!) as always, but what really blew me away on this show was the Crazy Christian woman who's name I've mercifully forgotten. I could not believe the crap coming out of her mouth. There's really too much to list here, but the highlights were:

1) The US has the right to build permanent military bases in Iraq because of the number of American lives sacrificed in the war.

What the hell kind of Orwellian logic is that? You invaded the country illegally, lady, and without provocation. You have no right to be there at all!

2) The US was justified in invading Iraq because they thought Saddam had WMD. Okaaaay... Leaving aside the fact that plenty of people told you he didn't, let's extend the logic a little. If I think you have a gun in your pocket, do I have the right to blow your head off?

3) It's okay for the US government to legalise torture because it's not really torture, it's 'coercion'. Now, call me stupid, but if this 'coercion' has the effect of extracting confessions from its victims the same way as the rack, what the hell is the difference?

4) Brad (I think) pointed out that every regime that has ever tortured its enemies has believed that they were in the right. To which Crazy Christian Woman replied - "but we are right!" Uh, yeah.

5) She is moved by 'commercials' (her word) featuring Kurdish children welcoming US troops into Iraq. Hmmm... Let's think about that word 'commercial', shall we? Sounds like someone's trying to sell something. And what might that be? Oh yes, a BIG FAT LIE!

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength

And Orwell thought he was writing about Soviet Russia. Oh, the irony.
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