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Horny psycho religious cults...

I’m so proud of my new show! Saw this with ozzyols

For those who don't watch, Studio 60 is a show about a show. The fake show, in the show, has run a couple of sketches that take a swipe at the religious right for the way they boycott and campaign against any TV show/movie etc they find offensive. Now, back in the real world, the American Decency Association has launched a campaign/boycott against companies who advertise during Studio 60 because they find the show offensive.

So I'm thinking... What, exactly, are they protesting about? After all, they're doing exactly what their fictitious selves are doing in the show! In what way is this truth offensive to them?

So kudos to Studio 60. As the guy said to Charlie, “If they’re shooting at you, you know you’re doing something right.”
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