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Studio 60 1.10 "B-12"

How do I love this show? Let me count the ways...

1) The Deal or No Deal piss-take. Very, very funny. "That's not even a real banker..." LOL

2) Harriet can't tell a joke, and for the first time - I think - her subplot had nothing to do with religion! Yay.

3) Lucy and Darius and the new writer guy (whose name I forget). Great dynamic there, and he's back next week (with his angsty past in tow). He has the potential to be a very interesting character... I think this might be Sorkin retooling and these three are going to be great together. New writers struggling against the odds have far more appeal than cynical hacks.

4) Danny. Lots of Danny. Lots of hot Danny. Need I say more? ;)

5) Matt has new assistant, and it’s Susan!

6) No one can use an umbrella. Hee.

7) Sorkin taking on crap reporters who read stuff on TWoP and then post it as 'the public think this'. Good God, people. The number of 'reviews' of S60 I've read that include the BS you read online is amazing. He's got that so right; how the hell do we know that the opinion of dilbert27 represents anyone but dilbert27! That's something that drives me nuts. Go Sorkin! :)

8) Danny taking on Martha about judging the success of a creative endeavour by the revenue it generates; art having its ass kicked by commerce again. Since when has popularity ever been an indicator of creative success? Deal or No Deal is very popular after all...

9) Flashbacks! Oh, how I love those episodes that switch back and forward in time. I love how Sorkin plays with the difference between what the audience knows and what the characters know, so much fun. *adores*

10) And finally... Ship. Oh yes! I adored, adored, adored the final scene. (This surprises no one, I'm sure!). I especially liked how upset Jordan was; she looked a complete state, physically and emotionally. And of course she went to Danny for a shoulder to cry on. She seems such a lonely character. And Danny...*sigh* Even before she faints he's so sweet and supportive, and then he catches her and there’s hair stroking and the music in the background 'Don't tell me I'm falling in love'... *dies* What a place to end it too! One of those "NO!" moments when the screen goes black. Fantastic.

I just can't wait until next week!
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