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Big Brother

As much as I loathe and despise Big Brother, in all its incarnations, I'll say this for it; it goes a long way to proving the point Aaron Sorkin was making in the Studio 60 pilot. But I'm not sure even his faux 'unctuous British gossip bitches' could have come up with something as appallingly prurient and debasing as this current series of 'No-talent Has-beens, Never-weres and Never-will-be's' 'Celebrity' Big Brother.

I am deeply ashamed that this revolting 'entertainment' - this human bear baiting - is now the face of Britain around the world. What's next? Public executions? Oh, wait, we've already had one of those. Still, I suppose they could always up the stakes on Big Brother and hang whoever gets evicted. I'm sure someone with a mobile phone would be able to record the event for our edification. Although maybe they wouldn't need to; Channel Four wouldn't want to miss that ratings bonanza, would they?

It's profoundly depressing. But I have to chuckle at all the nose-in-the-air critics of S60 who proclaimed that reality TV was dead and that Sorkin was tilting at long gone windmills. Sadly the crack-pipe is still smoking, and its fumes are as noxious as ever.
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