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S60 1.13 "The Harriet Dinner" Pt.1

First off, I loved this episode. I say that every week, but still. I loved this episode!

Before I get to the inevitable Danny stuff, I just have to say how hilarious Jack was this week. I’ve always adored the character, and he just keeps getting better and better. He and Jordan have fantastic chemistry; I like them together a lot. I love how he manages to convey utter contempt for the people he’s forced to work with (just like his utter contempt for the ‘event TV’ he loves, but doesn’t watch), while at the same time – somehow – remaining a sympathetic character. I am hooked!

Also, Simon and Darius - I am loving this conflict. I can see both sides of the argument, but Simon is being such a jerk with his 'Uncle Tom' and 'Amos' comments. Seems to me that Simon is defining himself only by his race, and resenting the fact that Darius is trying not to. I’m not sure that a white British woman can bring much insight to the argument, but I am looking forward to seeing it reach boiling point. At this stage, however, I’m rooting for Darius.

And now on to the show's various relationships… Last week we saw the differing levels of honesty in each relationship, and this week we see the fallout.

Tom and Lucy… Of all the people to go to for relationship advice, Tom chooses Matt? Oh dear. Matt – who can’t even be honest with himself – tells Tom that he has to lie to Lucy about why he can’t make the date on Thursday. God forbid Tom just tells her the truth! I thought Lucy looked stunning at the party, and her put down line to Tom was just devastating. “Aren’t you supposed to sleep with me before you start acting like a creep?” I Love Lucy. :) Tom gets what he deserves; let’s hope he tells her the truth next week!

As for Matt and Harriet, it’s heartbreaking. Matt is simply incapable of doing the right thing with her, and she points that out to him perfectly this week. Bidding to be her date, which could have been very sweet, is poisoned by the fact that he was, in fact, bidding not for her but against ‘LukeS5858’ (teehee). Worse, he so hates the charity she’s helping that he’s giving money to an opposing one! This is just horrible behaviour, and I don’t think Matt has a clue why he’s doing it. We know he loves Harriet, but he just can’t say it – he cannot be honest with her about his feelings, he’s always sublimating them with these petty squabbles and jealousies, these crazy acts of spontaneous misdirection. But at least Harriet has her act together this week; she’s had enough of his mercurial antics and tells him it’s over. How he’ll react to that, we’ll find out over the next few weeks. I’m thinking it won’t be pretty.

And finally, Danny and Jordan. Honesty, again, defines their relationship. Once Danny figures out that his behaviour last week was A Bad Idea, he decides to stop. And, just like he told her he was going to start, he apologises and tells her he’s going to stop. There’s never any equivocation with Danny, he’s straight down the line. Jordan’s reaction is, of course, slightly ambivalent. Even so, it might have ended there if not for being trapped on the roof. “A crucial scene in any romantic comedy” – of course!

Talking of honesty, this is when we get it from both barrels. We discover that, while Danny’s happy to apologise for embarrassing her, he’s not going to apologise for his feelings. But it’s Jordan who won’t let the subject drop; it’s Jordan who presses Danny to tell her how and why and where he fell for her, because, as it turns out, she doesn’t believe he loves her at all.

So that’s the crux of it – it’s not his pursuit, it’s his apparent dishonesty that is bugging Jordan. This is ironic, given Danny’s propensity for undiluted honesty – a trait he proceeds to demonstrate by laying into her for airing the 'Dolphin Girl' promo for the show. Jordan listens for a while, then interrupts his polemical grandstanding by calling him a “tremendous doofus!”

Oh yes, these two are all about honesty. I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes them next week…

A couple of side notes:

Jordan may be shaping up to become the Donnaesque ‘voice of the people’ – the person who pricks the egos of the other characters, thereby allowing Sorkin to get away with a little polemical ranting without making his characters insufferable.

The promo with ‘Dolphin girl’ - Internet speculation fuelling expectation for a product yet to be completed, a product that might not even work! It’s just asking for disappointment. I have to wonder whether, if S60 didn’t have Sorkin’s name on it, half the ‘complaints’ levelled against it would have been made. S60 fans (and critics) have so many expectations of the show and its characters that it sometimes seems impossible for them to develop as individual entities – they are always in the shadow of TWW, Sports Night etc.

Jeanie: did someone buy her a one-way ticket to Mandyville, or what?

And finally… I had to Google Anita Pallenberg to find out if she was English. I certainly couldn’t tell from Harriet’s accent! *wince*

So, 6 days to go... :)
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