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Self pity!

It's been a bit of a crappy week, all-in-all. Last Thursday Ben went down with tonsillitis, and didn't get over it until Tuesday – which meant he missed both his days at nursery (and I missed two work days). Then, when he was better on Wednesday, I went down with his tonsillitis. So I've been pretty much trapped in the plague house for the last seven days! Argh.

The doctor told me that the new advice on treating tonsillitis is not to give antibiotics until you've had it for a few days, so although she gave me the prescription, she told me not to start taking the antibiotics until the next day. WTF? Anyway, since I was feeling really bad by the evening, I started them then and good job too because I was even worse the next day. If anyone can explain the 'don't take antibiotics until you're really ill' advice, I'd be grateful! (I suspect the advice comes from someone who doesn't have kids to look after…)

On top of this I got some snide work grief that I could live without, as well as Studio 60 doom and gloom, so I wasn't a happy camper yesterday. Luckily the other two thirds of the Unholy Trinity™ cheered me up last night, which was lovely. :)

Also, I managed to post 'Unspoken' and got lots of great feedback. Thank you, everyone. It cheered me up a lot and I'll reply to it all when I'm feeling better! :) *hugs*
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