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Life and other things

Is it weird that I quite fancy Jon Stewart from The Daily Show? Nothing sexier than politics, I guess! ;)

Also a Gratuitous Moment of Maternal Pride

We had Jessica's parent/teacher consultation yesterday, during which her teacher told us about a very good answer Jess gave in class last week. They had been looking at the properties of solids and liquids, and the teacher asked them to think about sand - is it a solid or a liquid? Jessica's answer was, 'It's a solid, but it acts like a liquid.' Her teacher was most impressed and Jess earned 20 house points! *beams*

In other news, I was at the dentist today. He was talking about flossing and reminded me how important it was to do 'in later life'.

LATER LIFE??????? Unless he knows something I don't, 37 is not later life! :) He quickly back tracked when I objected, and started talking about making plans for his 40th birthday party. But still, harrumph.

*Must get back down the gym, and possibly consider plastic surgery!*
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