SalR323 (salr323) wrote,

From the mouths of babes...

Jessica is somewhat intrigued by my new pirate obsession, so I said she could watch CotBP with me - although, as she told Sandra, "I think it's just an excuse for Mummy to watch it again". (As if I need an excuse!)

Anyway, I thought I'd record the following conversation for posterity (and eken95!):

Jess: Mummy, who does Elizabeth like best? Will or Jack?
Me: Good question. I'm not sure. Who do you like best?
Jess: Jack.
Me (innocently): Oh really? Why?
Jess: He's more interesting.
Me: That's my girl.

Then, later:

Jess: Mummy, I don't understand. Do Jack and Elizabeth like each other or not?
Me: Well, they like each other in some ways.
Jess: What ways?
Me: Um... Oh look! A skeleton, isn't that scary?
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