SalR323 (salr323) wrote,

Drabbles: 20,19, 18

Author: Sally R
Rating: Gen
Pairing: #20 none, #19 W/E/J, #18 J/E
Summary: Three drabbles written for the potc_dogwatch prompts: #20 – Time’s Run out, #19 – Currency of the Realm, and #18 – Letters of Marque. Cross posted to pirategasm and sparrabeth

100 words each

#20 Time’s Run Out

Prime Meridian

Through prison bars the governor watches the clock rise to dominate Port Royal. The world runs to the efficient tick-tock of Greenwich now; a soulless heartbeat of trade and profit.

And under a blazing Caribbean sun the ships-of-the-line assemble; the fist of empire set to crush those who flaunt freedom in the face of its power. They’ve filled in the edges of the map, constrained the world within the confines of human knowledge, and he wonders what will become of those who yearn for the boundless horizon. Men like Captain Jack Sparrow, William Turner…

Women like his dear, lost daughter.

#19 Currency of the Realm


Men say dat gold make de world turn, but men are fools:

Will Turner, he search de seas for him father, de thump-thump of de Devil’s heart drivin’ him on. But him spirit falter, unsure of him place in her heart,

A heart dat beat for two good men – de choice bitter as myrrh. But choose she must, lest she wreck ‘dem all,

For Jack Sparrow, him fierce heart flutter ‘twixt life an’ death, ‘twixt love an’ hate. Him soul hangin’ in de balance.

What care dey for gold? De world turn to de harsh beat of a lover’s heart.

#18 Letters of Marque


Though he’d tucked the letters safe in his coat, he was plagued by an irksome disquiet. Bloody woman; a siren sent to tempt honest sailors to their doom. And dishonest ones too, no doubt.

Persuade me…

She’d no idea what those teasing, virgin lips of hers aroused in a man. How could she? Will Turner was passing handsome – he’d had worse – but what real man could leave her a year unsullied while she waited on bridal gowns and lace?

As I said…persuade me.

He cursed, afraid of what those tempting lips might persuade him to, in the end.
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