SalR323 (salr323) wrote,

Drabbles: 17, 16, 15

Author: Sally R
Rating: Gen - Contains spoiler/speculation for AWE!
Pairing: #17 J/E, #16 W/E/J, #15 J/E
Summary: Three drabbles written for the potc_dogwatch prompts: #17 – King of the Cannibals, #16 – Time and Tide, #15 – An Island. Cross posted to pirategasm and sparrabeth.

100 words each

# 17 King of the Cannibals


“I heard he dined on human flesh.” The sailor beckoned the tavern crowd closer. “Still does, so they say. ’Tis what makes him so fearsome in battle.”

“I heard he rose from the dead,” another added. “Tamed the kraken itself and came ashore riding the beastie.”

Behind the drinkers Elizabeth caught a wicked twinkle in dark eyes, the glint of gold in a devilish smile. Entirely too much enjoyment was being had.

Tugging her hat low, she deepened her voice. “I heard he’s incapable of pleasing a woman.”

At the back of the inn a legend choked on his rum.

# 16 Time and Tide

Widow’s Weeds

She lingered in the surf, her eye upon the horizon long after it was barren.

A month, a year, ten. To the man who’d sailed away with her heart, one meant no more than another. But her days slipped past like sand in an hourglass, precious and irretrievable; he could not bear to see such treasure squandered.

“I did not save him so as to watch you live a widow’s life.”

“What else would you have me do?”

He slid a firm hand across her hip, staking his claim. “Love him, if you must. But live with me, my Lizzy.”

# 15 An Island

No Man…

At the helm, he’s a point of stillness in the eddying chaos of life aboard the Pearl. He throws out orders like flotsam, navigates his way through the crew with a smile and a curse, a flutter of slender fingers and an outrageous swagger.

He’s a man apart; the quirky, enigmatic Captain Jack Sparrow. A painted image drawn in his own likeness upon the canvass of his skin. One of a kind. Impenetrable.

But at night, when they are alone, she surrounds him like the ocean, breaking hard upon his shores. And he gathers her close, an island no more.
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