SalR323 (salr323) wrote,

Pirates 4?

Some speculation about a possible fourth pirates movie...!

"It's no secret that Johnny Depp said he'd like to return as Captain Jack Sparrow in a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film if it were to happen... well Freeze Dried Movies has learned this afternoon that Depp is already SIGNED to reprise his role assuming Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End performs as well as Walt Disney Pictures anticipates."

And this from Bruckheimer...

Jerry Bruckheimer, uber-producer and point-man on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films, tells The Herald Sun that a fourth “Caribbean” film may happen – but it might be a spin-off.

“This is the end [of the current trilogy], but whether one of the characters or a couple of the characters continue on, it’s a possibility”, Bruckheimer tells the paper. “Certainly, in a moment at the end of the film there is a hope that something else might happen”.

Geoffrey Rush seconds that claim, saying a fourth film is very likely

Personally, I'm all for it!
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