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Sweeny Todd trailer...

As per my promise to teresadivicenzo, here is more spam about Sweeny Todd. :)

It’s good. Weird, but good.

Musicals are by definition weird, and Sweeney Todd is weirder than most. And the trailer is good, really good. Or it is until Johnny Depp gets singing. Then it gets even weirder than you’d expect. It’s not that his voice is bad, it’s just that watching Johnny Depp belting out a tune in Tim Burtin’s typically dark, dank, world simply feels incredibly wrong.

Weird or not, I just love the idea of Johnny Depp belting out a tune in Tim Burton's typically dark, dank world. Or any world, really. ;) Squee!


In random RL matters, Jess tells me it's 82 days until Christmas. Joyeux Noël!

ETA: I've just seen the trailer here and this reviewer is clearly as barking mad as Sweeny Todd! It's fantastic, singing included! :) Squee!
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