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Lynne Cheney: Terrorist Attacks Worldwide Don’t Affect ‘American Interests’

Haven't posted about politics for a while, but this really hacked me off.

Lynne Cheney was on The Daily Show tonight, claiming that there had been no terrorist attacks since 9/11. John Stewart pointed out that there had been several around the world, including those in the UK and Spain.

Cheney replied that attacks on other countries were not relevant to the discussion: “Yes, yes. But we’re talking about American interests.” The audience booed Cheney’s remarks. An incredulous Stewart responded, “Aren’t we interested in [attacks on those countries]? I’d assumed they were our allies.”

Says it all, really. This administration couldn't give a toss about us or anyone else and we support them at our peril. I hope Gordon Brown was watching.

Watch the video here
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