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And in other news...

Sweeney Todd Film is MPAA Rated-R

Also, mainly to watch fried_flamingo do her nut... this load of BS!

Burton made the monster mistake of miscasting Depp as Sweeney, but then he would cast his buddy as anything and anyone regardless of fitness for the part, up to and including Godzilla, Othello and Queen Elizabeth. He’d have been much smarter to move Alan Rickman from the evil Judge Turpin role. Rickman has been typed lately as pure bad, because he does it so finger-licking well, but unlike Depp, he has depths and shadings and nuances. Depp’s greatest talent is for mockery and imitation: Give him a Keith Richards or Michael Jackson or Ed Wood to mimick, and he’s fine. Maybe Burton asked Depp to imitate a real actor. That’d be a stretch.

What a load of bitchy crap, eh? Although I can kind of see JD playing Queen Elizabeth...;) As the whole S60 debacle demonstrated, critics are morons. Especially when I don't agree with them!
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