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Today this was posted on depp_daily:

Video of Johnny Depp filming Public Enemy!

The following fangirl squee ensued between me and fried_flamingo. Cut for length, language, and hormonal insanity! ;)

SalR323: Did you just get my text?????
Flamingo1302: I just woke up
SalR323: Go and check LJ now!
Flamingo1302: Going to look now!
Flamingo1302: omgogmomgogm
SalR323: I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flamingo1302: Holy fuck!!!
SalR323: I know!!
SalR323: I am undone
Flamingo1302: OH he's so fucking hot!
SalR323: I know!
SalR323: The swagger in the top one!
Flamingo1302: Holy god the one of him holding onto the side of the car!!!
Flamingo1302: And the gun!!!
SalR323: I know
SalR323: It's insanely hot!
Flamingo1302: and the way he waves at the fans in that one! Jesus!
SalR323: yes!
SalR323: holy crap I just about died
Flamingo1302: LOL those people are crazy
SalR323: I know! There but the grace of god, eh?!
Flamingo1302: Oh his hat fell off!
SalR323: Oh did it?
SalR323: In the car bit?
SalR323: I must go and watch again
Flamingo1302: Yeah just after the guy in the big jacket crosses the road
SalR323: oh yes! lol
Flamingo1302: omg he's too hot to be real
SalR323: He is, I can't believe how hot he is in just that little clip.
SalR323: Holy crap, it's insane!
Flamingo1302: I've watched them about 5 times each
SalR323: Me too!
Flamingo1302: I love the way he walk in that first clip
SalR323: I know!
SalR323: Is that just his normal walk?
SalR323: Jesus!
Flamingo1302: OH he's too hot!
SalR323: I know!
SalR323: This movie is going to just be insanely not
Flamingo1302: How stylish does he look in the black coat?
SalR323: Oh amazing
Flamingo1302: I think the first outfit must be from early in the movie
SalR323: I was just wondering if that was his normal clothes
SalR323: or a costume
Flamingo1302: No I think it's a costume
SalR323: God, that walk!
SalR323: And his face, he looks about 25!
Flamingo1302: I know! How can that man be 45??
SalR323: I swear there's a painting in an attic somewhere getting really old!
SalR323: So that bit where he swaggers over to the car
SalR323: is that just him
SalR323: or is that something they shot?
Flamingo1302: I'm not sure
SalR323: I think it's just him
SalR323: looking at it again
SalR323: because he looks a bit uncomfortable
SalR323: with all the people around
Flamingo1302: Yeah there are too many people around in ordinary clothes to be filming
SalR323: He does something with his shoulders, he looks like he's walking down a catwalk!!
Flamingo1302: LOL he does look like he's walking differently
Flamingo1302: Maybe that's John Dillangers walk
SalR323: Oh yeah!
Flamingo1302: OMG more pics from the set too!
SalR323: Oh really? How insane is it that we're seeing these pics the day they were taken?!
Flamingo1302: I know!
SalR323: We're going to know a lot about this film before we see it
Flamingo1302: I love the tailoring of those trousers too. I love 30's fashion
SalR323: Yes me too
Flamingo1302: and he'll look so hot wearing it
SalR323: It's so glamorous
SalR323: Yes, he's got the right body shape
SalR323: you need to be slender to wear 30s stuff
Flamingo1302: Mmmmmm slender...
SalR323: lol *drools*
Flamingo1302: Fuck!
SalR323: Holy crap!
SalR323: He is unbelievably sexy in that black coat
Flamingo1302: I'm am a gibbering wreck here!
SalR323: I am too, it's like an explosion of JD tonight!!
Flamingo1302: more pics posted to Depp Daily
Flamingo1302: omg
Flamingo1302: Is that a scar?
SalR323: It is!
Flamingo1302: GUh!
SalR323: Oh bloody hell
Flamingo1302: and it's not across his nose!
SalR323: No!
SalR323: omg, you know we obviously have to see this movie together
Flamingo1302: Of course we do woman!
SalR323: I think the sheer hotness of it might kill us though.
Flamingo1302: I think he'll be hot as fuck in this!
SalR323: I think so too, I think it is potentially one of his most omg!hot! movies!
Flamingo1302: Yes!
SalR323: You know, I used to think it would be a bit dull being a fan of an actor, but it's totally not!
Flamingo1302: Oh god no! You never know what to expect next
SalR323: There's so much squee in just seeing pics like this, of something new.
Flamingo1302: Yes!
Flamingo1302: oh Jesus these pics are just too hot
SalR323: oh
SalR323: he looks so hot driving! lol
Flamingo1302: I know!!
Flamingo1302: Johnny Depp with a gun and a scar and a hot car and 30's tailoring...I mean give us a chance!!
SalR323: I know, is he trying to kill us or what?
Flamingo1302: Oh god the pics of him with the gun
SalR323: I know!
SalR323: Guns and cigarettes are BAD and yet...
Flamingo1302: I know!!!
SalR323: Can you imagine the publicity shots for this?
Flamingo1302: Oh Jesus Christ I think my ovaries just exploded at the thought!
Flamingo1302: Him posing with the gun
SalR323: And isn't it totally amazing that he can go from Jack Sparrow, to Sweeney Todd, to John Dillinger
SalR323: How many actors would do anything like that?
Flamingo1302: I know! The man is a marvel.
SalR323: He is amazing.
Flamingo1302: I'm all atremble
SalR323: Me too!
SalR323: Hyper is the word!

And then, of course, we had to watch DMC. Just because. ;)
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