SalR323 (salr323) wrote,

Drabbles: "Scorn" and "Seabed"

Back from holiday! And since I missed a couple of prompts, here are two semi-linked drabbles for this week's blackpearlsails challenge: Bed.

Pairings: “Scorn” Jack/Beckett (implied), “Seabed” Jack/Pearl.

100 words each


“You betrayed me.” The words sound so much less than the deed and Beckett speaks them with half-lidded eyes, aiming contempt at the man kneeling and bound at his feet. “You’ve made your bed, Sparrow; this is how I punish pirates.”

Black, insolent eyes stare back. “Hell hath no fury, eh?”

Nor such guilty delights, the Devil reminds him; Beckett’s face burns shamefully. “Twenty lashes.”

“Determined to leave your bloody mark, aren’t you?”

He leans closer for this, his last confession. “As you have on me.”

“’Twas just a bit of fun, mate.”

Beckett's smile promises vengeance. “So is this.”


Jack knows he cannot be here, for the crushing weight must surely break his bones as easily as it has drowned his dreams. Yet he sees her before him, timbers charred and scattered beneath dark waters.

Limbs move molasses-slow in the silty green depths and her scorched flesh is rough beneath his fingertips. Never again will she soar free across the waves, and her death grieves him more than his own.

He thinks he would trade anything to see her fly again.

“Would y’trade your soul, boy?”

Far above sunlight beckons; Jack smiles and his answer is a fool’s hope.
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