SalR323 (salr323) wrote,

Drabbles: "Prodigal Son" and "Friction"

A couple of drabbles for this week's blackpearlsails challenge: Education.

Pairings: “Prodigal Son” Jack and Teague, “Friction” J/E ;)

100 words each

Prodigal Son

“Sea turtles?”

The boy looks up from the fire with expressionless eyes.

“Lesson learned, I hope.” Taking a seat, uninvited, Teague offers a bottle. “Warned you about Barbossa.”

“Warned me about rum, too.” Jack takes the bottle and drinks deep.

Silently, Teague concedes the point. “So what now?”

“The reclamation of what’s mine, of course.” The pistol on the table between them has but one shot. “And vengeance.”

His voice is bleak and Teague shifts, uneasy. “Careful, son. Vengeance can steal a man’s soul.”

“Another lesson?” Jack smiles without mirth, grim as the Locker. “Too late for that one, mate.”


“Do I hold it like this?”

“Aye, love, just so.”

“And then?”

“Move your hands like I showed you.”

“Like this?”

“Yes, that’s the way.… Faster, though, love. Fast as you can.”

“Not sure how long I can keep going. Is there no quicker way?”

“No, no. No quicker way, darlin’. Just don’t stop…”

“My arms are aching.”

“Almost there, almost… Ah! Now blow!”

“Like this?”

“Yes… Yes!

“Oh!” Surprised, she jumps back. “It worked!”

“Course it bloody worked.” Jack smiles, blowing gently on the tender flame. “Two sticks, a little kindling, and you can light a fire anywhere, Lizzie.”
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