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Awesome Meme

Snagged from fried_flamingo in response to that awesomely happy Discovery Channel advert.

For all the gloom, the world actually is damn awesome. So, I give you (in no particular order) Ten Reasons the World is Awesome:

1. Summer was here today! And we had an impromptu BBQ and pink champagne in honour of Tom’s birthday. :)

2. Netnutters – you know who you are, ladies. :)

3. I’ve spent the past four months having a ball working with fried_flamingo on our longest, most complex fic. It’s been so much fun, such a challenge, and – omg! – it’s nearly finished.

4. Squee, in general. And at the moment, Jack!squee and Depp!squee in particular.

5. The Rum Diary, A Thousand Splendid Suns, On the Road – my latest reads, and all evidence of the awesome talents some people possess.

6. My kids and the wonderful, exhausting, hilarious, aggravating, astonishing, frustrating, and joyful world they’ve opened up.

7. Fan fic! In all it’s forms. Love, love, love. Writing it changed my life, literally. And it’s an eternal source of joy.

8. Six adults, nine kids, running around Chessington World of Adventures in the pouring rain. FUN!

9. I will soon have three professionally produced scripts under my belt, and I never thought that would happen! A miracle, surely.

10. The internet – and the amazing friendships, fun, and pure pleasure it has brought me. Awesome, in every sense. :)
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