SalR323 (salr323) wrote,

Drabbles: "The First Court" and "Thirteen Years"

Title: The First Court and Thirteen Years
Author: Sally R
Rating: PG
Word count: 100 x 2
Characters: Pirate Lords, Jack, Davy Jones
Disclaimer: For fun, not profit.

Two drabbles written for this week’s challenge at blackpearlsails: “Soul…”

The First Court

Eight of the Nine emerge, blinking into sunlight. Each hold a coin, warm from the heat of the forge and the power of the Song. Symbols, they are, of foolish pride – and of the price to be paid in the end.

The Goddess lingers, beautiful and accusing in her silence, but all around them splintered hulls and shattered masts lay bare the fury of her soul’s binding.

He who is first among equals set his sword in the sand. “Here,” he says, “upon this isle of shipwrecks, shall the Brethren of the Coast hold fast, until our debt be repaid.”

Thirteen Years

Shark-white, save for where the sun has blistered his skin, the boy clings to life with a wanton ferocity. Upon his wrist a bloody brand names him pirate, but it is the coin, twisted into matted hair, that strikes terror into the captain’s distant heart.

“Do you fear death?” He crouches low, speaking earnestly, for death is too impermanent a fate for one so marked by destiny. “I can keep you from that dark abyss, from that day of reckoning…”

Cracked lips move and the boy’s eyes open, shadowed by rage. “What price?”

Davy Jones smiles. “Naught but your soul.”


Both are set in the redux_08 universe.

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