SalR323 (salr323) wrote,

This is bat country!

Do you ever have half an hour when it feels like someone, somewhere shook the snow globe and sent everything flying, just for a laugh?

So, yesterday I came down with tonsillitis, not too badly but enough to need antibiotics, and enough to make me want an easy day today. Anyway, I went to school to pick the kids up and was just standing there chatting with friends when Ben comes running up, crying his eyes out, and tells me that a boy in year one just bit him! Sure enough, he had quite nasty looking teeth marks on his arm. So off I went with a friend, who’s also a teaching assistant in the school, to find the boy. Luckily his mum had somehow found out and came over to apologise, while also giving the lad a thorough telling off. She was mortified, poor woman.

While I was talking to her, Ben decides to head home, which means going around to the front of the school and out of sight. I was just heading after him when Jess plunged knees first into the gravel path. Hard. Hard as in gouging chunks out of her knees and dripping blood onto her socks.

Luckily my friend was still there to take Jess into the office, while I went to find Ben before he escaped out of the front gate. So there we all were in the school office, with Jess crying and dripping blood on the floor while we were trying to pick gravel out of her knees, and Ben telling everyone (including the head teacher) how a boy in year one had bit him – and showing off his wound!

Half an hour later we eventually limped home, wondering what the hell had happened!

World? Don’t do that to me again, thank you!
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